Ms. Natalie Runyan

State of New Mexico

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State of New Mexico


Natalie Runyan has been using GIS for over 30 years as a tool for lands and resource management.  She is the Geospatial Information Officer for the State of New Mexico and in that role encourages capacity-building and cooperation among the various entities in New Mexico who depend on geospatial data and analytics.

Natalie has worked in NM state government over 15 years doing field work, business analysis, database design, project management, enterprise server and services management, and inter-divisional coordination.  The other 15 years were spent in private consulting managing software development projects and performing geospatial data analysis, planning, and project management for various projects, including work on the Abu Dhabi (UAE) Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Starting in October 2022, Natalie has been on assignment to the NM Office of Broadband Access and Expansion (OBAE, “oh-bye”) to expand previous initiatives in the state to reflect the establishment in 2021 of the Office.