Ms. Jennifer Borlick

County of Rock, Wisconsin

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County of Rock, Wisconsin


Jennifer Borlick is the GIS Manager/Senior Planner at Rock County (Wisconsin) Planning, Economic and Community Development. In that role she represents the department on the Land Records committee and the Rock County Land Information Council. She represents the county at the state level as the alternate Land Information Officer (LIO). She is an active member in the Wisconsin Land Information Association where she serves as a member of the Board of Directors and is on the Education (Vice-Chair, Fall regional), Technical, and Annual Conference committees. She is the co-leader of Women in GIS - Wisconsin and is on the Spotlight Committee for Women in GIS.

Her day-to-day tasks include working with department and county staff to determine project needs, standard operating procedures, and hardware and software needs. Along with the project management duties in her department her duties also include data acquisition, data distribution and website administration.

In her spare time she is active in racial and gender equity endeavors, including LGBTQ+ awareness. Her Doctor is #4 and her companions are Sarah Jane and K-9.